SC-1210LD Solar Charge Controller

玩彩票快三怎么能赢Get optimal performance from your PV Panels and Batteries. The SC-1201LD offers:

      • Maintenance-free protection for your batteries and solar panels
      • Regulated output to prevent batteries from overcharging
      • Load Disconnect feature protects batteries from being over-discharged

SC-1210LD Product Details


Features and Benefits:

  • Handles up to 30A Amps of Array Current or up to 450 Watts of solar power
  • Protects battery from overcharge and discharge
  • Maintains 12V batteries in a fully charged state
  • LED status indicator provides quick reference to Battery and load status (SC models)
  • LED digital display shows charging current, loads current and battery voltage (SCD model)
  • Temperature compensation
  • 2 Year warranty
Solar Charge ControllerSC1210LD

DC Input (PV)
Max. PV Voltage26V
Max. PV Current10A
Voltage across PV & Battery< 0.15V
DC Output (Battery)
Battery Rating12V
Battery TypeSealed/Flooded
Max. Charge Current10A
Charge Voltage Range14.2 – 14.6V
Float Voltage Range13.4 – 13.8V
Parasitic Current<10mA
DC Output (to Load)
Load Current (Continuous)10A
Protection and Features
PV Reverse PolarityProtected
Battery OverchargeYes
Load Over-discharge Voltage< 11.5V
Load Reconnected Voltage12.6V
Built-in Temperature SensorYes, temperature compensation on charging voltage
Weight0.65 lbs
Dimension4.1 x 4.1 x 1.3″

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