Kisae power inverters - two separate product lines to choose from; one offering economic value, the other offering premium quality for sensitive loads. Both regulatory approved globally.

Modified Sinewave

玩彩票快三怎么能赢KISAE Modified Sine Wave power inverters offer a stepped wave form that achieves voltage regulation by varying its width according to the battery voltage and the load being powered. Consequently, the wave form is not smooth like a Pure Sine Wave is. This stepped waveform creates harmonic distortion, audio/video noise, and causes the load to run hotter. Regardless, the quality of modified sine wave inverters should not be understated. These inverters are quite capable and represent the most common type of inverter sold on the market today. And they are the most economical choice as well.

Pure Sinewave

玩彩票快三怎么能赢KISAE Pure Sine Wave (True Sine Wave) inverters offer the most reliable wave form available, providing power almost identical to utility power – no harmonic distortion, noise or excess heat. They are the preferred choice for powering “sensitive loads” like onboard electronics and demanding motor loads. Some appliances also require a Pure Sine Wave to run properly, including: digital clocks, light dimmers, variable speed motors, battery chargers, and audio/visual equipment. Because of their higher qualities, Pure Sine Wave inverters represent a more expensive purchase choice.

Why Choose KISAE

KISAE is a unique power solutions company that believes in challenging the status quo.

We do this by cultivating innovative ideas in alternative energy and turning those ideas into products that are simple and easy for people to use – every day.

玩彩票快三怎么能赢We work to bring clean energy to power your world, from Alaska to Zimbabwe, at the office or job site, the home or the cottage, the campsite or onboard a boat, truck, or motorhome.

We work to provide Fresh Ideas to power your world.

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