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Kisae unveils new products at Hong Kong Electronics Show

KISAE UNVEILS NEW PRODUCTS AT HONG KONG ELECTRONICS SHOW |  Show Attendance Report  |  1 NOV 2016. KISAE TECHNOLOGY was a proud attendee at the Hong Kong Electronics Show this past October, where it unveiled its latest additions to its growing product line-up. Serious interest in these products made it a particularly busy show for the team from KISAE. 


KISAE: 24V Model Inverter Launch

KISAE EXPANDS BEST SELLING INVERTER LINE-UP WITH LAUNCH OF NEW 24V MODELS | Launch Announcement |  25 OCT 2016. Since 2009, KISAE Technology has rapidly become a recognized name in the power electronics business, adding several new products to their line-up annually. They continue this pace with the expansion of their line of pure sinewave inverters to […]


KISAE: Watts in a Name

玩彩票快三怎么能赢WATTS IN A NAME By LAWRENCE NEILL  •  contributing author |  20 SEPT 2016. Whenever I speak with people about KISAE, many are intrigued by the name – ‘what does it mean?’, they ask, and ‘why is it relevant to a power electronics company?’  The answer is simple.


KISAE : Your Battery ’s Best Friend

玩彩票快三怎么能赢YOUR BATTERY’S BEST FRIEND By LAWRENCE NEILL  •  contributing author |  9 MAY 2016. What is your definition of a best friend? Is it someone you can count on in time of need? Or is it someone who complements you and makes you feel good about yourself? If this is part of your definition of a best friend, […]


Solar: The New Normal

玩彩票快三怎么能赢THE NEW NORMAL FOR A SUNNY COUNTRY By CLAIRE O’ROURKE  •  ABC Environment |  11 AUG 2015. View original source article here With more than a million Australian rooftops now sporting solar panels, it’s created a powerful advertisement for the benefits of renewable energy and a powerful block of pro-renewable voters.