Why Choose Kisae

Fresh Ideas in Power

It All Started with a Change in Direction.

Like most people, we get frustrated when we’re far away from home and can’t run the products we need when we need them most. Access to the utility grid is always the weak point. The status quo says ‘Connect to the grid to get power‘, but this isn’t always possible.  So as power engineers we do something about it. We’re all about ideas, invention and innovation, so we set about to create the most reliable line of simple but sophisticated true sinewave power inverters on the market, designed to produce electricity the same as (or better than) the power supplied by your local utility company.

When it came to our product design imperative, we considered that a product is first and foremost bought to be used, so user-experience became key to our engineering direction, supported by reliability, surge power, power density, ease-of-use, ease-of-installation, and more. We then challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer every element that defines a new-generation power product. The results were truly remarkable. And were something that provides us a powerful argument against the status quo.

The New Power Structure.

Engineered around a super-structure of new-generation true sine wave output components, high-performance throughput circuitry and optimized powerflow inversion, KISAE delivers leading-edge performance across the board.

Muscle Power.

玩彩票快三怎么能赢All KISAE power inverter and battery charging products are muscle through and through. Our inverters offer a new-generation of true sinewave output that is virtually identical to utility supplied power and can reach a higher voltage level with very little harmonic distortion. And our Battery Chargers offer a multi-stage intelligent battery charging protocol for perfect, fast, accurate charging. All KISAE products offer Advanced Thermal Management (ATM) that ensures that no matter how hard you push our products, they’ll still run cool. With KISAE, you won’t be at a loss for power.

Size Matters.

玩彩票快三怎么能赢When it comes to design, our engineers rewrote the book on small. We pack a lot of functionality into a compact, lightweight package, but didn’t bother skimping on quality or aesthetic beauty either. We put LCD digital displays with backlighting to make onboard programming easier; auto-ranging AC input voltage to allow our chargers to be used anywhere world-wide, and the ability to offer different output sockets on our inverters for the specific country you require, plus we put precautionary alarms and auto shutdown capabilities into our products to make sure you can depend on them time-after-time.

Our Reach

Markets Served

Kisae products are tough, reliable and purpose-built

KISAE 玩彩票快三怎么能赢is a global company, serving the growing power needs of people throughout the world.

We touch lives every day by bringing alternative energy solutions to 6 key markets.

These 6 distinct markets represent the bulk of the current cultural growth towards ‘GREEN’ power products. These needs don’t respect borders or boundaries, so our design engineers had to develop a solution that could be used unilaterally around the globe. The result was a complete line of inverter power products that can be adapted to any countries requirements simply by changing the outlet type for that particular country. KISAE power inverters output a pure sine waveform so you, the end-user, get electrical power identical to that supplied by the local utility company. This is just one example of KISAE’s Fresh Ideas in Power and another line in its powerful argument against the status quo.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Whether creating slick and simple products that are plug and play and ready to use right out of the box or simply adding special useful features that benefit our customers, KISAE has launched products and features that truly benefit our customers in ways that the market hasn’t seen before.

  • Quality and Consistency

    KISAE products are designed and tested to perform to their specifications and do what they are advertised to do.  Furthermore, we produce our products at ISO certified factories and all KISAE items meet Regulatory approval standards.  When you buy a KISAE item, you can be certain of the care and experience that went into delivering your power product.

  • Experience and Market Knowledge

    玩彩票快三怎么能赢The founders of KISAE have been in the power electronics markets since the 1980’s.  The Engineering staff are experts in electronics design having launched hundreds of power electronics items over the years.  KISAE sales staff have sold hundreds of thousands of power inverters and know the category like no others.

  • Fast

    Being a relatively young and growing company means that KISAE can be agile and responsive to customer needs and opportunities.  If you see an opportunity, go ahead, put us to the test and see how fast we go!

  • Responsive and Customer Service Focused

    玩彩票快三怎么能赢KISAE realizes that without customers we wouldn’t have a business, they are our MOST important asset.  We strive every day to provide satisfaction to our business partners and end users.  And if something isn’t working or needs some extra support, we will work with you until satisfaction is achieved.

  • Patented Technologies and Designs

    玩彩票快三怎么能赢KISAE holds several patents for its impeccable product designs.

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玩彩票快三怎么能赢Boats, RV’s & Trucks with KISAE power solutions on-board


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